My Story

Proud to call Edina my home

I am a homegrown Minnesotan. I grew up in Wayzata as one of five children who attended Orono Public Schools. My parents are a source of inspiration for me. They encouraged their children to have a sense of humility, integrity, stick-to-it-ness, and humanity. They taught me to be a better person by actively listening, challenging conventional thought, and encouraging me to go above and beyond expectations.

I graduated from Orono high school in 1998, and went on to study marketing at the University of Minnesota. Upon graduating, I began a career in marketing and advertising. This career path provided me the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented people and created moves to Connecticut, New York, and eventually back to Minnesota, where I met my wife.

Kelli and I moved to Edina in 2011, attracted by the schools, parks, and neighborhoods. I have become an active player in our community through my work on sidewalk expansion and safety, and the community engagement related to development of Braemar. Working on these issues made me recognize opportunities to improve city processes.

I love Edina, and I want to ensure that the city makes wise strategic decisions that will result in a livable, walkable community for my family and our residents — for years to come. Edina currently faces a set of challenges that require thoughtful analysis and action. As an Edina City Council member, I will ensure the city is a welcoming community that authentically involves its residents in decision-making processes.

— Josh