My Approach


Having lived in Edina for almost a decade, I have personally witnessed the impact closed-door city government decisions have made on our neighborhoods. Whether we’re talking about special-interest development at one of our treasured parks, packing in new and tall housing in our fully developed city, a lid that was studied to augment the city complexion beyond repair, or completely redeveloping neighborhoods by way of bulldozing and reconstructing, it’s the same pattern of developing without a clear understanding of the long-term consequences.

Consistently, Edina surveys call for sensible, sustainable growth and development, traffic abatement, and housing that working families and seniors can afford — while maintaining low property taxes. And yet, we’re surrounded by developments being constructed at a breakneck pace. This development creates traffic and infrastructure needs — schools, fire stations, and deferred maintenance to existing assets we can’t afford to maintain — and needs to be carefully taken into consideration before action. Said differently, these developmental changes come at a cost to our city — and the residents — in taxes, quality of life, or both.

It’s time to take a thoughtful pause on development in Edina and ask important long-term questions.

  • How are we maintaining public safety and supporting our valued police and first responder communities during this time of increasing density?
  • What are the city’s unmet needs? How can we start discerning between wants and needs?
  • How do changes in zoning impact neighborhoods and our community?
  • How does the current focus on development impact the community’s goals of walkability, safety and livability both now and into the future?

I would be honored to serve as an Edina City Council member. I vow to create a resident-driven development process by:

  • Asking the above questions about development proposals
  • Bringing an open and honest dialog to the planning process
  • Allowing ample time for community engagement

— Josh